UrukDroid & Saur0n, what’s Else

Profitons du passage en 0.41 d’UrukDroid pour en savoir plus sur son concepteur Saur0n!

1-Who is Saur0n ?
That’s probably hardest question from this set :) . Saur0n is just a first (and closest) free nickname on XDA to Sauron. And why Sauron? That’s a whole
different story from Amiga scene times (so almost 20 years ago).

2-Why Archos ?
It’s not my first choice tablet. Somewhere around may 2010 I’ve ordered Smart Device V7 tablet (http://en.smartdevices.com.cn/Products/V7/). It has quite
similar specs., but have triple boot including « normal » Linux — Ubuntu. One month passed, and supplier was unable to deliver device. I’ve cancelled order
and waited until first announced device arrive to shops (there were plenty of 7 inch tablets announced — but non of them was possible to buy)
Archos was first with decent specification and reasonable price (not like Samsung Tab). I’ve had doubts about it’s RAM shortage, and still think it’s way
to small amount of it — it’s the weakest part of gen8.

3-told us about your project ?
I just wanted to have normal operating system with full rights — like every decent OS on PC. Lack of root access and r/o filesystem — it’s not what tigers
likes best. Since I use Linux everyday — and Android is just another Linux with JRE… it just happened :)
What’s the goal?
I wanted (and still do) to make Android distribution, that will better suits my needs (and probably few other people too). Except two problems I’ve mentioned
before, I wanted to add some OS functionality for easier management and adding new, kernel level, features. Some optimisations, backports — all you can find in changelog :)
And why UrukDroid? Well it desperately needed a name. While reading another user story — how to install this « mod » (and another, different version of my
nickname — twisted during cut/paste because of $) — I came with: Sauron -> Orcs, droid -> Kind of artificial life, best type of orcs -> UrukHai
HaiDroid would sound lame, so it’s UrukDroid (simply kind of Droid that is based on orcs  – witch is quite good name for something heavily patched :D ).

4-What is the futur ?
Sleep ;) Today I wanted so badly to push 0.4 version….
I guess I’ll make some more installation changes — to make install process yet a bit easier (0,4 is a quite a big change already). And I’ll try to put more
features inside, some boot interface cleanups. Will see what people will say,what problems will appear.
I guest 0.5 will be last « beta » release, after this version I’ll go probably to 1.0.

5-How to help ?
Yeah :) I would like some reasonable feature requests, there are already people helping to add DVB-T, OC, backup etc. support. We need some configuration UI (I’m completely not a Java guy) — there is plenty of work, like always :)

Merci Saur0n, repose toi bien !
Si vous n’avez pas la possiblité de l’aider techniquement, faites un petit don http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=895599

UrukDroid 0.4.1 (15.01.2011)

  • Some more tools like: bc, proc utils, vim, tcpdump, bzip2, tar etc.
  • Android apps (Market, Maps, Talk, Calendar, Contact, Feedback, Locator, Updater) by default
  • Samba (3.2.5) support for sharing /mnt/storage (internal and sdcard storage) from Archos
  • Dropbear SSH server
  • Backported modprobe, depmod etc. tools for modules management
  • WiFI driver recompiled, WiFi HW firmware update (from to
  • Initial DVB-T support (Afatech AF9005, Afatech AF9015, DiBcom DiB0700, Terratec CinergyT2/qanu)
  • Bootlogo with progress steps
  • Cleanups of initramfs and rootfs
  • EXT4 drivers backported from 2.6.30 — some mount changes (to prevent config files corruption)
  • Initial A70H support
  • SDCard/HD layout changed
  • Autoupgrade service and installation helper
  • ADB fixes
  • Removed two apps. TelephonyProvider.apk, Phone.apk
  • Since 0.4 all services are DISABLED by default, to enable it edit proper config file in /etc/uruk.conf/

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