Nouveau firmware Archos 3G+: 1.5.10

Archos 3G+ de SFR

Last update — 23 Mar. 2009
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Au programme :


  • SFR Application store added (in Internet applications)
  • Network Manager: Added automatic reconnection (3 attempts if disconnected)
  • SMS: Added support of SMS concatenated
  • TV Control: More devices have been added to the Infrared Emitter support list (Fastweb, FranceTelecom, HOT, Noos, Telefonica, …)
  • Accessories: TV Snap-on support
  • File Browser: Added DOC and XLS file preview
  • Music: Now supports FLAC files with an ID3V2 tag
  • Music: Displays a larger « Album Art » picture in the player
  • Video: Allow to offset the display of the subtitles in time
  • Photo: PhotoWall display speed has been improved
  • Photo: New « Fit to width » display format
  • Web Browser: Gives a choice between « Embedded » and « Fullscreen » playback for Flash Video
  • Web Browser: Added a vertical scrollbar to scroll the page (Option in the Web Browser settings)
  • Email: Added HTML display for email content
  • Email: DOC and XLS attachement preview
  • Email: Added new incoming message notification widget in Home Screen
  • Email: Added Hotmail support (POP3/SMTP protocols)
  • Contacts: add phone or email selection if several ones exists before opening SMS or email screen
  • GUI: Added a « Touch Screen Lock » item in the menu of the recorders when DVR Snap-on is used
  • GUI: Added support for Bulgarian User Interface
  • GUI: Added support for Arabic User Interface
  • GUI: Allows renaming and deleting files in the PDF and Flash Apps browsers
  • GUI: Displays videos in the Help browser

Bug fixes:

  • Sim card PUK code: the device sometimes rebooted after entering PUK code when exiting airplane mode
  • SFR 3G TV: Chill TV was not well decoded
  • SFR 3G TV: Background audio playback was not stopped when starting a channel
  • SMS: It was not possible to save a Texto from the contextual menu.
  • SMS: A random contact was selected when saving a draft with no contact.
  • SMS: It was not possible to modify a saved SMS in draft
  • Audio: AC3 5.1 audio didn’t always work with SPDIF output (it was stereo only)
  • Music: Search feature was not usable with Remote control
  • Music: Back from Player to Browser was not working well in playlist mode
  • Music: Browser was not in playlist mode after resuming a playlist playback
  • Music: all ARCLibrary categories were empty after playing a Web Radio station
  • Music: Background Audio Player was stopped when opening a Flash SWF file
  • Music: when finding the next track in a playlist, skip over up to 10 non-existing tracks before giving up
  • Music: when starting a playlist and the track doesn’t exist, don’t stop current audio but mark the track as deleted in the playlist
  • Music: WMA files smaller than 500KB did not play
  • Music: The display of the « Hard Drive » view is now faster when there are a lot of files or folders
  • Video: Search feature was not usable with Remote control
  • Video: Subtitles were not outlined
  • Video: Lower part of the subtitles was cut, especially in 720p mode
  • Video: The subtitles are now displayed more precisely timewise
  • Video Recorder: The top-left menu was disabled after a TV/LCD toggle
  • Web Browser: Device sometimes restarted when opening the Web Browser after a Suspend, if Widgets were used before Suspend
  • MediaClub: Remote control Back button didn’t perform back in history
  • Contacts: Searching for contacts sometimes returned unexpected results
  • Contacts: Search could not be used with the Remote control
  • Contacts: refresh contact list after importing contacts from the sim card
  • Email: On TV, there was sometimes a « Connection error » message although there was no error
  • GUI: Some texts were corrupted after quitting the Demo mode if a non latin font was selected
  • GUI: Some Chinese messages were wrong
  • GUI: The « TV toggle » dialog was not closed when unplugging from the DVR Station
  • GUI: Plug-ins list was sometimes truncated in « Firmware and Plug-ins » settings screen
  • GUI: There was a missing letter in the Hebrew keyboard
  • TV Control: Satellite category stopped after the letter « M »
  • TV Control: Infrared Emitter used to freeze the device if it had been in Suspend mode before
  • TV Program Guide: Channel name was sometimes not well updated in the bottom detail line
  • TV Scheduler: The previous/next day buttons were sometimes not working properly
  • DVR: Device freezed when removing DVR Snap-on while in CamCorder
  • FM remote: after a FM recording, the volume slider was not updated anymore when changing the volume
  • FM remote: Don’t hide touch screen keys when FM remote keys are pressed
  • USB Host: Allow aborting PTP copy with Back or Home buttons (Back key on the IR Remote)
  • USB Host: There was a long delay without visual feedback before the File Browser is opened
  • USB Host: Trying to copy a file that already exists made the device reboot
  • System: There were some artifacts visible on the screen with some pictures
  • System: USB transfer was very slow in recovery mode
  • System: Sometimes the clock was wrong after a Suspend or a USB connection
  • System: ARClibrary is not systematically rebuilt after firmware update anymore
  • Network Browser: Some directories had wrong names (first letter repeated) and could not be opened
  • Settings Wizard: It was not possible to select a month other than 10, 11 or 12
  • Games: Device sometimes rebooted during Play’inTv games
  • Parental Code: Arclib (music library) was empty after the playback of a video with adult permissions
  • Wifi: It was sometimes not possible to connect to Hidden SSID access points because the « Connect » button remained greyed out
  • Demo Mode: Click was taken into account by the Home Screen when stopping a demo video

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  1. Yes des nouveautés pour l’archos 3g ça fait du bien !
    Tiens le TV SnapOn a disparu de la liste d’accessoires, bon en même temps c’est vrai qu’on a déja la TV 3g+,certes avec une qualité d’image moins bonne mais au moins il capte en voiture ou dans les transports aeriens types bus & tramway.


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