La réponse de la R&D d’Archos aux différents soucis sous Froyo



The boss, the vieux, le Corse ; Cajl a eu presque tous les Archos commercialisés en main (et dans ses tiroirs) depuis son JukeBox 6000 !

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  1. Avatar steff dit :

    ils ne parlent pas pourquoi cette tablette rame autant et l’écran se fige!!!

  2. Avatar Daniel dit :

    Oh and I forgot. What kind of encryption do you think I should use that is safe for WiFi? WEP? Pah, useless.

  3. Avatar Daniel dit :

    This is truly a crap update. I have been reccomending my friends an Archos based on the promising 2.1 tablet thinking that an Froyo update would be amazing. Now noticing I have to buy codecs for movies I could watch before updating, and having great lag in games that I’ve bought and can no longer play.

    All recommendations are off and the tablet will go into a drawer until there is root access or you release a proper update.

  4. Avatar 221 Hardware to Old Error dit :

    Unreal…My Brick (FROYO) Archos43 is not powerful to play Angry Birds and Hyper Jump anymore. *sighs*
    Why the hell we cannot downgrade this POS firmware and rollback to Eclair? Thanks for punishing your loyal customers by bricking previous firmware that once worked great and not allowing us to do a simple rollback in case we dislike your new public rushed beta. I’m now stuck with a brick $250 POS thats only good for playing music, viewing videos(sans HD), photos and reading ebooks. But l’m willing to bet with all that multi-tasking it would crash in a second.

  5. Avatar Thomas dit :

    All my favorite paid apps and games are crashing and locking up between 30 seconds to 10 minutes. I was able to play NOVA, Pineball Ride, NFS, Asphalt5 and other 3D games for HOURS on 2.1 🙁 And overclocking dosn’t help on my A32IT and 101. Guess my psx4droid, gameboid and other emu’s are next to FC every random minute of gameplay, same with the Wii Contoller app (Bluetooth).

  6. Avatar Angry Bird dit :

    Wow! After this semi-bricking « upgrade » I can not play any more 3D/HD games… with or with out root/setCPU… refund me now.

  7. Avatar Peter T dit :

    Always prefer performance that battery life. They need o create a user setting for use a smart processor or NOT.

    The Froyo works very slow, Archos try to expel the customers.

  8. Avatar Kevin24lg dit :

    It doesn’t make sense to underclock the CPU; if they are using on-demand settings to determine how much CPU is needed most of the time you won’t be using 1000mhz, but you have it there when you do need it. This does bother me quite a bit as I paid for a 1Ghz processor.

    I for one will be using temporary root and I’ll be installing SetCPU to bring it back up to 1000.

  9. lemtel lemtel dit :

    Quadrant modifié en interne, mais pas de mise à jour proposée par AppsLib… Le décodage du H264 sut A43it est long, long si long qu’il faut le planté… passé une fois, 865 pts et ce sans le Market.

    Les vidéos stockées sur mSDHC ne sont pas identifiées ni par le raccourci ni par le widget. Elles sont visibles et jouables en cliquant sur l’image « carte SD ».

    Merci, pour l’information, au support, et à l’émetteur.

  10. Avatar Alibaskins dit :

    On comprend mieux pourquoi beaucoup se plaignent des perfs dans les jeux 🙂 Le cpu est emputé de 20% de ses perfs surement ^^
    Pour la navigation sur le net si ça se trouve l’os ne passe à 1Ghz que pour le navigateur natif ?

    Android 2.1 jusqu’au prochain patch donc, ça ne fait plus de doute 🙂

  11. Avatar Peter dit :

    Why not set the CPU speed back to 1GHz as it’s supposed to be according to the specs. and give the user an option of increased battery life.
    * High performance 1GHz max
    * Longer battery life. 800 MHz max

    And give us a way to hide the softbuttons completely since quite a few apps seem to have a problem with them.

  12. Avatar data dit :

    What is about the UPNP und SMB Bug?

  13. Avatar toto dit :

    Ils ne parlent pas des problèmes des sous-titres qui ne s’affichent plus, ou des vidéos qui maintenant rame un peu. Le cpu ne passe plus à 1000Mhz lors de la lecture vidéo également.

  14. Avatar Stefano dit :

    It’s no really!
    With old firmware tablet was smoothly and battery life was great!
    Now terminal it’s choppy and with lot of bug!
    For me this version is a beta version….
    .. i hope!!
    I’ve bought a 1gh tablet not a 800mh tablet!

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