Nouveau firmware Archos 5 IT v 1.2.11 !

Tout est dans le titre, par ICI pour le télécharger !

* WiFi: fix driver crash occurring on some devices

* GPS: quicker time to fix and improved position accuracy

* Suspend: some devices were not able to stay in suspend for long period (restarted in cold boot instead) * Indexing: a new setting allow to disable the indexing of Android’s own library (Device storage > Multimedia libraries)

* Video: H264 SD High Profile did not play

* Video: allow smoother H264 HD playback in some cases

* Video: seeking in MKV file sometimes caused audio or video freeze

* Photo: right border pixel column of the thumbnails was corrupted

* Photo: slideshow was not paused when trying to go to suspend

* TV: output AC3 5.1 when « SPDIF » settings is selected, else output AC3 stereo only

* TV: fixed some of the HD and PAL/NTSC video picture formats

* USB Host: add a notification in the Android statusbar when a PTP or MTP device is connected to enable safe removal

* Network: Media Center network browsing was not working with some network configuration

* System: device was sometimes going to suspend while playing back music

* System: Archos Media Center sometimes was not using the right system settings (language, time zone, clock format)

* Internationalization: support display of all type of foreign unicode filenames in Archos Media Center

* Internationalization: now supports Japanese ID3 tags

* Internationalization: additional Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian translations,

* Accessories: add HDMI dock support

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