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Proporta C’est ?

Proporta has been designing and manufacturing the best PDA Cases, Smartphone Cases, MP3 Player Cases and iPod Cases as well as providing PDA Cables, PDA Screen Protectors, PDA Accessories over the past 10 years. In this time, our product selection has expanded to include both serial and bluetooth GPS Solutions, bluetooth keyboards, Smartphone Cables, Blackberry Cases, iPod nano Cases, Archos Cases and many more mobile device accessories.

Qui êtes vous Mister Monson ?

Managing Director and Co-Founder, Guy Monson worked as a journalist (broadcast and print) before setting up Proporta with Mike Coombes in 1996. This background has left him with a good understanding of products and consumers and an enjoyment of writing.

Le but de Proporta ?

Proporta aims to provide a range of practical and attractive accessories for leading mobile devices. With more than 1 500 products, Proporta offers consumers more choice for more devices than the competition. Many of our customers have looked for a product elsewhere and not found it then come to us and found it immediately – others came to us first and saved time looking

At Proporta we work hard to offer the best customer service in the industry with native speakers of all the major European languages in our lively office on the south coast of England (you should be there when the World Cup is on – no matter who wins, someone’s happy*). We offer lifetime warranties on cases and we have a never-argue policy for the rare occasions when a customer decides they are not happy with a product.

* Which is great news for the English staff because England never wins.

With 12 years of experience in the business, we’ve seen a lot of new competitors come into the market – particularly in recent years when the iPod has attracted many new companies. Some offer some really imaginative options and keep our designers and manufacturing on their toes, others simply rebadge products which have been designed and manufactured in China from the cheapest materials for maximum profit potential. As well as the small companies, we’ve also seen huge corporations like Belkin from the USA releasing iPod cases.

Through all of this, our loyal customers as well as new customers tell us time and again that our products are of better quality and that our service is far better than our rivals.

These are interesting and changing times but one thing we’ve noticed remains constant; once you buy from Proporta, we know we’ll see you again.

Comment s’ effectue la création d’ une housse ?

It’s an interesting question and I’d say it has two answers…

1. Functional Design

Our cases are designed to be practical and useable as well as beautiful – that’s why for example, you’ll see an aluminium lining protecting your screen in many of our high end leather cases*. Naturally, the functional design of a case starts with the device it will protect.

* You will only see this in Proporta cases because we have design right protection covering the use of aluminium to protect the screen.

Because our cases have been proven to be of unrivalled build and design quality and we are happy to guarantee them for life, I’m proud to say that we work with some of the leading device manufacturers to make their own-branded cases and accessories for them.

If we are working with a manufacturer in this way, we get to see their devices before launch – so that we can get our cases ready for launch day. For many years now, Sony has selected us as their chosen design and manufacturing partner for their popular GPS devices, Walkman MP3 players and the new and fantastically successful Sony Reader (electronic book reader).

Some devices are so secret that we don’t have definite, confirmed information from the manufacturer until the day of launch – i.e. we see the device when you can buy one in Fnac, Darty or Dixons, just like everyone else. When this happens we have to work super-fast to design and manufacture cases within a matter of weeks.

2. Aesthetic Design

This is more about the style, the look and feel and the colour of our cases. It’s about innovation and choosing the right materials in the right colours at the right moment.

Some designs start from a raw idea; for example, the popular new Maya Case was inspired by sportswear. Many of our cases are born in meetings with Ted Baker* where Proporta gets a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming fashion before it hits the streets, i.e. what’s going to be cool soon.

Maya Case

Our designers might take inspiration from anything from a colourful tree frog to the design of the latest Ferrari – our three designers (two product designers and one graphic designer) have their own little room (we’re a small company so they have a small room ) separate from the main office and a regular quiet time when we’re not allowed to ask them tedious questions. This helps them to come up with new ideas and designs. Some of their ideas are fantastic, some are totally impractical but all of them are interesting.

* Ted Baker [] is one of the UK’s leading fashion houses and a recognised Global Superbrand. Based in a painfully trendy warehouse next to a canal in central London just a few minutes’ walk from the new (and stunning) Eurostar Terminal at King’s Cross/St. Pancras. Proporta is proud to work with Ted to produce a range of phone and iPod cases (available from

Avez vous un Archos ?

I’m very fortunate in that I have access to any of the devices we case. In the excellent Archos range we have the 104, 105, 296, 400 / 402 / 404, 405, 504, 604, 605, 704, 705, AV560, AV700, xs 104, xs 202. We have to have a device for product photography and for quality control.

For security reasons, we don’t like to store devices in our office – so we often take them home and use them (if any criminals are reading this, not only are our devices not stored in our office but we have a huge and vicious guard dog on our premises and we almost never feed him ).

Qu’attendez vous d’un baladeur ?

I confess that my favourite MP3 player is an ancient 40GB iRiver H140 and I’ve been using it for years and years. I like it because i) I can drop it off my bike at 50kph and it doesn’t even stop playing (I didn’t intend to discover this but I have done), ii) it acts like a normal external HD, you plug it into the USB and there it is in Windows – no iTunes, no fuss and iii) everyone laughs at it because it looks like a black house brick. I also use the player on my Sony-Ericsson W810i phone (which I love as much as my Lenovo X61s laptop).

To persuade me to move on from my iRiver, I’d need something with 60GB of memory that’s USB plug and play (no iTunes or other software to mess around with) and is the size of an iPod nano. I think I’ll probably be sticking with the iRiver for a while.

Travaillez vous sur les nouvelles housses pour les Archos 5 & 7 ?

We will be producing an Alu-Leather Cases for the Archos 5 and Archos 7.

Que pouvez vous nous dire en conclusion ?

I’d like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to present Proporta to your readers. We’re in the process of a major rebranding exercise at the moment, we have a new look with a new logo and many new products and designs released and soon-to-be released.

Thank you Mister Monson !

CAJL en direct de Brighton (non It is a joke, unfortunately..)
pour la traduction, c’est en cours !!

Mais en résumé

Proporta :

Fait tout pour que le client soit content,

N’a pas peur de la concurrence au contraire car cela permet de garder ses équipes au top,

Met en place un travail de recherche de nouveaux designs et de nouveaux produits,

Réflechis à une nouvelle image,

Travaille sur les housses pour Archos 5 & 7.

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