Interview : vTuner You Know ?

vTuner vous connaissiez avant la mise en place du Plug-in Web TV/Radio ? Moi non ! J’ai pris mon clavier de pèlerin afin de vous faire connaître un peu plus cette société.
But it is in english !

1 introducing Vtuner

vTuner is the standard for internet media aggregation. Most products in the market that stream internet Radio are using the vTuner database of stations and rely on our worldwide servers. Internet TV products are just coming to market and use the vTuner services, as we can see from Archos.

vTuner is in the market for 10 years and provided streaming services since the early days where real codec were the state of the art.
Offices in New York, Long Island, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Duesseldorf, Germany make sure

vTuner is always close to its partners. These partners are brands like Archos, Denon, Grundig, Harman, Medion, Noxon, Philips, Sagem, Tivoli, Yamaha, etc but as well Chipmarkers (Analog Devices, BridgeCo, CSR, Frontier Silicon, Telechips, etc) and Contentpartners and Broadcasters.

At vTuner we run a worldwide farm of servers that make shure, wherever the Archos products are used, there’s always a local server. Low latency and high reliablility.

The vTuner database aggregates more that 10.000 radio stations, 8.000 podcasts and 1.000+ TV stations and we track the quality and reliablilty of these station.

2 Heiko Meertz who are you ?

I’m working since 14 years in the IT industry and started with TerraTec Electronic. Originally I’m an aircraft engineer and have technology background. I joined vTuner in beginning of 2008 and I’m responsible for the European and Asian regions, making sure that Content partners and product makers are happy working with vTuner.

I’m working from the german vTuner office next to Duesseldorf.

3 Archos why ?

Archos is a strong brand and the main market innovator and pioneer in digital media players. I personally know Archos
since very long and I’m always amazed how fast and on time they launch new features. With the 5-series Archos has a
very compelling and complete product range.

Working with Archos was excellent. Expereinced and professional people. They really move fast!

4 Constrainst & Challenges :

The market for streaming media is new and emerging. It’s a fact that the market is growing and starting. Providing bandwidth will be the main challenges for content providers. As well as operators. The question how that traffic is being paid for still is not completely answered but first approaches starting.

5 Future :

Any kind of media will be made available through IP technology. Audible and Visual Media; Radio and TV as well as Pictures.
Consumer Electronic products merge with IT / IP Products and start communicating. As with the Archos DMPs customers will
pick the information that they want at the time the customer wants. Podcasts both audio and video as well as text rss feeds will become competitive media to the established TV and Radio media.
It’s obvious today already that the younger generation per day uses DMPs more time than classic Radio and they use Internet more that TV per day.
Thank you Mister Heiko Meertz

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